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"Terrorist data" disappoints the situation in Afghanistan affects people's hearts, gold prepares to break through 1790

Abstract: The unexpected weakness of the terrorist data released by the United States has made the market extremely disappointed, which has a negative impact on the US economy and increased risk sentiment.

There may be 60% of new crown cases in the United States that have not been reported, the market is worried about mutant strains, and silver futures continue to decline

Abstract: A survey shows that the current COVID-19 mutant strain is the most concerned issue in the financial market.

The U.S. dollar remains stable. Inflation is still a hidden concern. Japan's overall economy continues to rebound. Can the yen be expected?

Abstract: The U.S. dollar rose slightly this trading day. As of press time, it temporarily reported 92.87, an increase of 0.03%; as of press time, the US dollar against the yen temporarily reported 109.5805, an increase of 0.11%.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine poses new risks! FDA will post a rare disease side effect warning, gold stands on 1811

Abstract: The problem of vaccines has caused more concerns in the market, has a strong stimulating effect on risk aversion, and has a great support effect on precious metals.

Economic data is mixed, the U.S. dollar is tangled, and the Fed's minutes this week may guide new directions

Abstract: The U.S. dollar index fell slightly this trading day. As of press time, it temporarily reported 92.22, a decrease of 0.03%.

The U.S. dollar still has room to rise further, the Bank of England may move slower than the Fed, and the pound will remain at 1.4

Abstract: The U.S. dollar index rose slightly this trading day, and the pound was under pressure against the U.S. dollar. As of press time, it temporarily reported 1.3839, a decrease of 0.30%.

Powell changed his mouth and denied two interest rate hikes before the end of 2023. But the Australian dollar will still fall in the future?

Abstract:On Tuesday (June 22), the Australian dollar against the US dollar opened at 0.7535. As of press time, the Australian dollar against the US dollar temporarily recorded 0.7514, a decrease of 0.28%.