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Angry! Dissatisfied with tagging warning, Trump wants to deprive social media giant of legal immunity!

Abstract:US President Trump posted several tweets on the social media giant Twitter. Funny enough, Trump ’s tweets were officially tagged as “fact check” by Twitter. This move is undoubtedly a provocation to Trump.

In the days before May 29, US President Trump tweeted several tweets on the social media giant Twitter. Funny enough, Trump ’s tweets were officially tagged as “fact check” by Twitter. This move is undoubtedly a provocation to Trump. Since then, Trump has responded harshly, saying the move completely interfered with the US election. At the same time, Trump also publicly stressed a few days later that he would sign an executive order that would weaken the right to censor content on social media.


In recent days, the conflict between Trump and social media "Twitter" has caused concern. The fuse of this conflict originated from the fact that the "Twitter" company first marked a tweet on Trump on the 26th, and Trump immediately denounced his "attempt to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election" and "completely stifled free speech. ".

In order to fight back, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on the 28th local time, trying to deprive Twitter and other social media giants of the legal immunity of publishing content. If this executive order is implemented, social media such as Twitter and Facebook may face prosecution, and the US government will greatly strengthen its supervision. At the same time, Trump also emphasized that these social media are no longer neutral forums, but are engaged in "political activities" and must be strengthened oversight.

On the 28th local time, US President Trump tweeted, "Today is a big day for social media and fairness!" He said that he would sign an executive order, which would be based on Article 230 of the U.S. "Correction Act". Strengthen the supervision of social media, reduce the power of social media content censorship, and said this will ensure freedom of expression from threats.

It is worth noting that Trump said at the signing ceremony that the purpose of signing this order was to protect freedom of speech from threats.


He pointed out that social media giants like "Twitter" are gaining unprecedented protection based on the neutral platform theory, and this executive order will make "they no longer have a shield." The exact content of the executive order is still unclear, but the White House said it would make it public as soon as possible.

The USA Today website commented on this, saying that although the order called for changes to the regulations that protect social media companies from legal liability, the Trump administration cannot do this alone. These changes can only be made by the court.

At the same time, regarding the incident, "Facebook" CEO Zuckerberg criticized on the evening of 27th that "Twitter" should not mark Trump's tweets with "fact verification" and pointed out that private technology companies should not The "truth arbiter" of online speech.

Immediately thereafter, "Twitter" CEO Dorsey tweeted to defend his company's approach. He wrote in a tweet: "Every incorrect or controversial information related to elections around the world, we will continue to point it out. And if we are wrong, we will admit and admit the mistake. We do not do this by The truth arbiter's self-confidence. Our intention is to connect the various points of conflict in the speech, present the information in the dispute, so that the people can judge for themselves.