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The American people have been dissatisfied for a long time? Trump approval rate drops to new low, Biden leads all the way by 13 percentage points

Abstract:According to the latest poll results released by Reuters/Ipsos, Democratic presidential candidate Biden leads Trump by 13 percentage points in the latest polls, with 48% of voters expressing support for Biden, only 38% 'S choice indicates that he will continue to support Trump.

A few days ago, according to the latest poll results released by Reuters/Ipsos, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden led Trump by 13 percentage points in the latest polls, with 48% of voters expressing support for Biden, only 38% 'S choice indicates that he will continue to support Trump. This is the first time this year that there has been such a large gap between the two. This is mainly due to the dissatisfaction of the American people with Trump’s handling of the New Crown Epidemic and Freud’s death.

The New Crown epidemic is still not effectively controlled, and more than half of the people are dissatisfied with Trump's measures to deal with the epidemic

In the Reuters/Ipsos poll data, the advantage created by Biden is the biggest advantage that the Democratic Party has faced Trump since November last year.

The poll also showed that 57% of American adults are dissatisfied with Trump's ruling performance, while only 38% are satisfied. This is also Trump's lowest approval rating since the impeachment investigation in November last year.

For Trump, this is a clear warning sign-his support base seems to be weakening. Republicans’ net approval rating for Trump fell by 13 percentage points from March to June, and each month during this time period.


Recently, Americans have experienced the new crown epidemic, the ensuing economic collapse, and many fatal conflicts between the police and African Americans. The people felt unusually angry and frustrated. At this time, the wind direction of the polls has quietly changed.

Trump denied the threat of the new crown virus early in the morning. When the governors tried to slow down their spread, Trump also had a dispute with them. Even after the health experts issued a warning, they still urged the authorities to allow the company to reopen.

To date, more than 116,000 people have died from the epidemic and more than 2.1 million people have been infected in the United States, making it the country with the largest number of infections in the world. Those states that have reopened their economies, such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas, are experiencing a surge in infections.

Overall, 55% of Americans do not approve of Trump's response to the epidemic, and 40% agree. This is the lowest net approval rating the president has received since Reuters/Ipsos began tracking this issue in early March.

The public is also dissatisfied with the way Trump handled Freud’s death

In addition to the epidemic, Trump was also criticized for his handling of the protests triggered by Freud’s death.

According to polls, nearly two-thirds of the interviewees sympathized with the protesters, while Trump publicly stated that he would deploy troops to "rule" the protesters. Earlier this month, Washington police forcibly dispersed peaceful protesters so that Trump could take pictures in front of the church near the White House.


Due to the economic downtime caused by the epidemic and the closure of businesses across the United States, Americans are increasingly inclined to turn their attention to the primary issue of economy and employment.

In this regard, Trump still has the upper hand compared to Biden. 43% of registered voters believe that Trump's ability to manage economic problems is better than Biden, and 38% of voters think that Biden will be better.

The poll was conducted online in English across the United States and collected a total of 4,426 responses from American adults, including 2,047 Democrats and 1,593 Republicans. The error range of the result is plus or minus 2 percentage points.