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The epidemic in India is out of control, and the contradiction is shifted and fired on Pakistani civilians!

Abstract: Recently, the number of new coronary pneumonia cases in India has increased rapidly, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases has surpassed Brazil to become the second largest in the world.

September 14 News Recently, India's new coronary pneumonia cases have rapidly increased, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases has surpassed Brazil to become the world's second largest. While the epidemic is spreading, India is using provocations against neighboring countries to shift the focus of the epidemic out of control. A few days ago, India opened fire on Pakistani civilians, resulting in the death of an 11-year-old girl.

On Monday (September 14), silver futures opened at US$26.910 per ounce, the highest reached US$27.145 per ounce, and the lowest touched US$26.850 per ounce. As of press time, it temporarily reported US$27.100 per ounce, an increase of 0.90%.

India's epidemic is out of control, frequently provoking neighbors

As of 9:46 am on September 14, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in India has reached 4,754,356, and 78,586 deaths.

The surge in India’s new crown pneumonia epidemic has confirmed the previous World Health Organization’s worries about a large-scale outbreak in India, and also exposed the current epidemic, India’s low response capacity, misplaced governance priorities, and improper anti-epidemic policies.

When the epidemic is out of control, India is trying to divert domestic conflicts by provoking neighboring countries.


"Indian Express" reported on September 12 that the Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to build air defense radars in three border areas of Uttarakhand, including Jemoli and Bitolagar. And Uttarkashi. The Indian Air Force also proposed to develop a new pre-landing field in Uttarakhand to carry out its activities in the mountains of Uttarakhand. The Indian state of Uttarakhand is located in northern India, close to China's Tibet region.

On the 13th, according to the Public Relations Department of the Three Armed Forces of Pakistan, Indian troops opened fire on Pakistan in the Hot Springs and Lahchikri areas of the Indian-Pakistani Line of Actual Control, again targeting civilians with automatic rifles and mortars. An 11-year-old girl died and four civilians were seriously injured, including a 75-year-old lady and two boys. The Pakistani army immediately responded to the Indian outpost that opened fire.


Silver futures market outlook

Last week, silver prices fell for the first two consecutive weeks since March. On the one hand, signs of economic stabilization have curbed demand for precious metals, and investors are also waiting for further policy signals from the central bank. Boosted by supply concerns, economic stimulus measures and industrial demand growth, the price of silver soared by about 50% this year, but its gains have faltered this month, as the stock market’s approaching record highs and signs of improving global economic prospects weakened the support of precious metals .

It should also be noted that the silver ETF's holdings are heading for the biggest weekly decline in a year. Peter Thomas, senior vice president of Zaner Group, said on the phone that given the previous trend of silver, many investors have seen profit taking in the past three weeks.

Silver futures rebounded this trading day. As of press time, it has temporarily returned to above 27 US dollars. From the 1-hour chart, the red kinetic energy column continues and has a trend of gradually getting longer. The bulls are trying to rebound more. However, due to the recent rebound of the US dollar, silver futures may be restricted.