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The UK may extend the England blockade, and silver futures wait and see at $24

Abstract:Yesterday Trump had the lead in the key swing states, but after one night, Wisconsin and Michigan turned from red to blue. Biden won the two key states, bringing his electoral votes to 264.

On November 5, Trump had the lead in the key swing states yesterday, but after one night, Wisconsin and Michigan turned from red to blue. Biden won the two key states, bringing his electoral votes to 264. Trump currently has only 214 electoral votes, and the probability of winning the election is very slim. He needs to win Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada if he wants to win the final victory.


On Thursday (November 5), silver futures opened at 23.980 US dollars per ounce, the highest reached 24.210 US dollars per ounce, and the lowest touched 23.955 US dollars per ounce. As of press time, it temporarily reported 24.165 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 1.14%.

Will the two states turn red to blue overnight, can Trump come back?

After Trump gained the advantage in the key swing states, the situation changed drastically overnight. The two swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan turned from red to blue, and Biden was only one step away from winning the election.

The latest statistics from Fox News in the United States show that the Democratic presidential candidate Biden won Michigan State and obtained 16 electoral votes from the state. So far, he has won 264 electoral votes. Prior to this, Wisconsin had announced that Biden had won in the state. At present, Trump has obtained 214 electoral votes. Biden has an obvious advantage. He only needs to win Nevada (6 votes) to reach the required 270 votes and finally win. Judging from the current situation, Biden's approval rating in Nevada is higher than Trump.


The key to Biden's reversal is that almost all mailed votes were cast for him, and Trump questioned the fairness of mailed votes before election day arrived. As the situation suddenly changed, U.S. President Trump tweeted questioning: "Last night, I was firmly in the lead in almost all key states, under almost all Democratic Party operations and control. Then, a Then, as the accidental votes were counted, they began to disappear magically. This is strange, and the "pollers" fully knew that this was a historic mistake!"

The latest report from USA Today stated that if Biden wins Nevada (6 electoral votes), it will be enough to get him 270 electoral votes, more than half. Trump's next task to win the election includes winning Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.


Silver futures market outlook

With the changes in the US general election situation, the precious metals market is also ups and downs. As the counting of votes has not yet ended and the situation is still variable, the fluctuation of silver futures will continue. However, the expansion of Biden’s victories has given a part of the boost to precious metals. Silver futures rose in the Asian market this trading day. From the 1-hour chart, the green kinetic energy column has been shortened to disappear, the red kinetic energy column has appeared and continued, and the bulls remain temporarily Dominance, there are signs of continuing to explore. However, the market also needs to be wary of the reversal of the US general election situation and market turbulence.

Coast Capital Chief Information Officer James Rasteh said that because the United States has adopted a very large government stimulus plan, no matter who wins the US election this week, precious metals will benefit from it. He said: "We will print trillions of dollars, and all these prospects will eventually have a very positive impact on precious metals."